Management Team

Stephen Reder, Ph.D.,  Principal Investigator
University Professor and Chair of the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University. Research interests include adult literacy development, relationships between literacy proficiency and literacy practices, and the economic impact of adult education and literacy development.

Clare Strawn, Ph.D.
Project Manager for the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning, Waves 1-5. Research interest is in the intersection of community and adult learning and use of technology and digital divide.

Cynthia Lopez, MA TESOL
Project Manager for the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning, Wave 6. Managed field and technical operations for data collection and panel retention in previous two waves. Conducted video interviews with LSAL pilot respondents.

Erik Simensen, MSW
Research Assistant managing field and technical operations for data collection from Wave one through four.  With the technical team he custom designed the data base system LSAL has used to track and schedule participants over time.

Data Analysis Team

Stephen Reder, Ph.D.: Big picture with specific interest in literacy measurement and development over time.

Clare Strawn, Ph.D. Patterns of participation in ABE and other learning strategies, influences of personal contexts on learning.

Jason Newsom, Ph.D. Longitudinal modeling.

Home Base Crew

Tracking supervisor

This position has supervised regular calling of respondents and follow up with contacts to locate them when they move.  Graduate Research Assistants who have held this position are Roz Roseman, Jean Stager, Natalie Masada White, Leslie Walker, Maya Trook, and John Cotton. John Cotton also took on the new role of Lead Interviewer for Wave 6, providing technical assistance and management of the Wave 6 team. 

Tracking staff

The following student employees have made the regular calls to and developed the person to person relationships with respondents that build identification with the study and improve retention: Jonena Welch, Cherise Frehner, Lisa Porter, Aaron Knudson, Sarah Baldwin, Michaelangelo Aust, Adam Egge, Jean Marie Stager, Lyndsay Culver, Kharim Poorman, Lucas Kerper, Samantha Kaan, Julie Staggs, Melisa Putney, Michael Howard, Rian Snider, Lindsay Freedman, Jason Yoshinaga, Jaqueline Marcotte, Chann Sou, Melyssa Sharp, and Katie Gentry.

The Remote Assessment Coordinator

The coordinator locates professionals near the new addresses where respondents moved when they left the Portland area and contracted with them to administer the TALS and pay the study participant.  Tracking supervisors Roz Roseman, Jean Stager Natalie Masada White, Leslie Walker, Samantha Kaan, Sarah Albers, and Maya Trook also took on these duties.

The Lead Detective

The detective uses various means developed by the project to locate participants that the tracking crew has been unable to reach. Amy R., Kristen Setzler, Cynthia Lopez, Kristy Ladd, and Willow Weir have lead the team efforts that have retained 90% of the sample over seven years.

Data Entry and Assessment Scoring

Done by Erin Saunders, Julie, Clara Ellis, Aaron Knudson, My Linh Nguyen, Samantha Kaan, Maya Trook, Lisa Monteblanco, and Julie Staggs.

Sample recruitment
At the beginning of the study a team of Graduate Research Assistants made approximately 130,000 telephone calls at the Survey Research Lab at Portland State University to identify and recruit study participants. This team included Emily Huang, Jeff Conn, Christof Walsdorf, Shanley Richards, Leslie Wiles, Kay Huxford , Tracy Gratto.

The following Graduate Research Assistants are responsible for collecting high quality data in a respectful manner.  The first three years of data collection were consecutive so many research assistants stayed with the project.  There was a one year lapse between Waves Three and Four, and Waves Four and Five, so Waves Four and Five are mostly fresh crews.

Wave One
Wave Two
Wave Three
Wave Four
Wave Five

Nicole Adams
Scott Dillinger
Hilary Kinavey
Lisa Monteblanco
Shanley Richards
Roz Roseman
Erin Saunders
Kristen Setzler
Cara Sherrard
Rebecca Snider
Kathie Godfrey
Carole Scholl
Tracy Gratto
Amy R.
Rajesh Sreedharan
Chris Vaggalis
George Palmer

Scott Dillinger
Lisa Monteblanco
Shanley Richards
Kristen Setzler
Cara Sherrard
Rebecca Snider
Clara Ellis-Cronk
Jean Marie Stager
Amy R.
Rajesh Sreedharan
Chris Vaggalis
George Palmer
Kristen Chrisenberry

Lisa Monteblanco
Clara Ellis-Cronk
Marilyn Bishop
Margie Marsett
Robin Timmerman
Aron Lyons
Kim Hoffman
Lisa Krois
Rajesh Sreedharan
Kristen Setzler
Cynthia Lopez
Jean Marie Stager
Terry Hammond

Charl Everson
Natalie Masada-White
Angela Pinto
Megan Stark
Jessica Starr
Kerri Sullivan
Colby Toussaint
Andy Hayes
Leslie Walker
Katy Duffield

Andrea Cosby
Amber Clough
Charma Boeschen
Kristy Ladd
David Schmitt
Emily Somervell
Leslie Rodgers
Clara Ellis
Jessie Levine
Sandra Edwards
John Cotton
Leslie Walker

Wave Six

John Cotton
Katie Gentry
Melyssa Sharp
Kate Gigler
Benjamin Evans
Bevin Clapper
Lucas Kerper
Constance Walsh
Rebecca Moreno
Erin Baldwin
Sarah Estes
Sarah Albers
Cheryl Green
Willow Weir

Technical crew

Thom Cheadle with the Survey Research Lab at Portland State University programmed Wave one instruments into the Computer Assisted Telephone and Personal Interviewing software and facilitate the project use of SRL to identify and recruit the sample. 

Erik Simensen took the lead coordinating technical development of custom systems that have facilitated the sample retention and interview scheduling. In-house technical crew include Subu Swayam and  Prakesh Nallamis who developed the Access based respondent tracking system (acronym ERIK). Rizwan Kumte led a crew with Saad Dideiqui and Fahad Habib who converted the system for web based access. Vid Mihaescu and Glen Sasek have run the technical operation of the ERIK system and CAPI program in Waves 5 and 6.