The LSAL has two advisory boards, one comprised of scholars interested in the substantive and methodological issues of the study (Technical Advisory Board) and one involved in the policy and practice implications (Policy Advisory Board). The follow individuals have served the LSAL as advisory board members:

Technical Advisory Board

Hal Beder, Rutgers University, NCSALL
Heide Spruck Wrigley, Aguirre International
Judy Alamprese, Abt Associates
Rose Marie Weber, SUNY, Reading Department
Valerie Lee, University of Michigan
Vivian Gadsden, University of Pennsylvania, National Center on Fathers and Families

Policy Advisory Board

Elaine Gilby, U.S. Department of Education
Hal Beder, Rutgers University, NCSALL
Patricia Rickard, CASAS
Peter Waite, Pro Literacy
Randi Whitfield, North Carolina State Director of Adult Basic Education